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School’s Events & Guest Lectures

October 22, 2021 School of Tourism and Hospitality hold a guest lecture "Trends in the field of event management" hosted by AlmaU Qaynar Bulaq Partners Hub.

Invited speakers: Aliya Tazhibayeva and Anastasia Ivkova - founders of the Lafa event agency.

Speakers and lecture’s participants discussed trends and prospects of the industry for the upcoming years and how event managers see the near future of corporate events. Experts presented ideas and their experience on hybrid event management.


On December 3, 2021, School of Tourism and Hospitality hold a round table: “Natural and cultural heritage as tourism resources: opportunities and prospects” at AlmaU Qaynar Bulaq Partners Hub in partnership with Kazakhstan National Committee of the UNESCO Program “Person and Biosphere”

                                                                                                              09/12/2022 "Horse tour"


Off-Campus Event within AlmaU courses "Contemporary Issues in Tourism" and "Tourism Economics" in the format of Equestrian tourism that considered as an international sport. Horses are noble animals, revered by our ancestors since ancient times. The horses themselves are a symbol of strength and freedom of the spirit in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Even beginners can ride a horse following the basic introductory instructions. Regular horse riding promotes healthy lifestyle and well-being, i.e. a royal posture, improves metabolism, and trains muscles, care of horses. Fourth year students of the Program "Tourism and Event Management" made an exciting trip and horse ride in the mountains getting positive emotions.