Vision, mission and values

- School of Hospitality and Tourism is a recognized leader of education in the field of hospitality and tourism in Kazakhstan and the region, it is a steadily growing educational division of AlmaU and leading versatile applied research, consulting projects and effectively combining practice
Multiplying the unique traditions of AlmaU, using the latest educational technologies and achievements, to train first-class specialists in the field of hospitality and tourism, to actively participate in projects, dissemination of managerial knowledge in order to develop and increase the competitiveness of the hospitality and tourism market and service in general in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region.
School Values
We strive to form a high level of professional competencies and managerial skills in the field of service among graduates.
Mutual respect and trust
We respect the opinions of our students, graduates and the business community and trust the professionalism of our colleagues.
We follow the best traditions of the world's best hospitality schools and develop our own. 
Responsibility and reliability
Each of us is personally responsible for the result of our work and the quality of our work to our students, graduates, colleagues and society.
We are constantly developing and helping others to develop. We strive to be one step ahead in the knowledge and qualities of our students and staff.
Team spirit 
Only working in a team of like-minded people allows you to achieve unique results.